About us

About us

In October 2018 we bought a slightly run-down postvan. This van is now our home on wheels. We have been converting it to a campervan on the streets of Rotterdam for over two years. In June 2020 we canceled our rental apartment, sold our things and moved into our converted camper van. We started traveling, but also got more and more customers along the way. Time to make it official. Our home on wheels is now also our Office on Wheels! 

Get to know us better

Paul foppele

Full-stack developer

Paul has been working as a developer for more than five years now. He started his career at a retailer where he provided a seamless online shopping experience for customers. As a front-end developer with a focus on WordPress websites, webshops and online marketing, he grew into a back-end developer and worked on developing apps, systems and thought about the optimal online experience for users. He has enjoyed working on a car-sharing platform, among other things. From GoLang to CSS, Paul knows how to build something with every programming language and he doesn't shy away from any challenge.

Marieke Fraanje

Online marketer

Strategic use of online marketing and social media based on data. Already during Marieke's Bachelor and Master at Erasmus University, her interest was in analyzing data and drawing up well-founded conclusions. With a broad experience in online marketing, she makes well-considered choices for using different channels and tools such as SEO, email marketing, content marketing, social media and online advertisements to make companies visible online and increase conversions. She likes to use Google Analytics, SQL databases and data scraping to collect data to get the most out of marketing assignments.


Our little adventurer

Vio is an important presence in our Office on Wheels. He makes sure we don't forget to take a break every now and then. His energy is inexhaustible and with him we reach our recommended daily amount of exercise very easily. Mountains, forests and the sea, Vio loves everything. The front seat is his favorite spot in the van where he likes to take a nap in the sun and keeps an eye on everything so he can sound the alarm when someone approaches our van. 

Can we help you with your online presence? 

Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about the possibilities!

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