Realization website with automated customer journey

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Our assignment

 "I want a professionally designed website for my new business where customers can request quotes."

As always, we start with an extensive conversation to learn more about the company, the products and the purpose of the website. It soon became clear that an automatic customer journey was the perfect solution for this customer. An overview of the customer journey and the points where automatic contact was required served as the basis for setting up the website and elaborating the automatic customer journey.

We started by designing and filling the website with informative content aimed at getting the contact details of potential customers. We do this with attractive contact forms with which websitevisitors can calculate the costs of their desired project. The outcome of this is sent directly to the email of the interested party. 

The goal of the automated customer journey is to maximize conversions. Therefore, if no contact is made, an e-mail is automatically sent at a later time with a personal offer for the customer. 



Website design and realization with automated customer journey 

Our client:
Through my new website I want to achieve as many conversions as possible that come in clearly and automatically.


  • Website design
  • Landing pages optimized for conversions
  • Set up automatic customer journey


  • A professional, findable website
  • A custom quote calculation tool as the start of the customer journey
  • Automatic emails with personalized offers

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